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[Arcadia] 3 Video

By iFalLiN4u

iFalLiN4u Level 152 Scania Buccaneer
Dec 09 2011 It's been awhile, but here's episode 3.
The beginning is a little draggy, but it has an importance further into the storyline, so bare with me for a little bit.
And the fight scene was really hard for me. It was my first time doing something like it (besides the horrible 2 sec fist fight in episode 2), so I hope it turned out well.
This episode is kind of a serious episode, so there wasn't really any humorous parts in it, but I hope you guys enjoys it anyways!

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The only short tip I have for you is,if you're going to do a fighting scene,do it in Macromedia Flash Professional 8(much smoother and versatile when it comes to fighting)
After you convert it to a .avi or video file,put it back in your project in sony vegas and just continue c:
Dec 11 2011
mouse1996 Level 209 Kradia Paladin Sanctuary Guild
I don't usually watch these because usually the creator just stops making them in the middle, but this is AMAZING! Hope you continue to finish the series (:
Dec 12 2011
Wow, you've got talent The story really pulls you in! Nice work!
Dec 12 2011

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