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[GMS]Golden Temple(with commentary) Video

By SmellyBud

SmellyBud Level 78 Scania Blade Lord
Mar 04 2011

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You can't get 4 chopper gunners going 54-0 sorry [/quote]

Its possible, Get a 2 from your care package, get one legit, get the other 2 from other carepackages
Mar 04 2011
Lol that's a lot of care packages coming from nowhere
Mar 05 2011
The only reason weed would mess up your future is if you get addicted. As long as he has self control there's no problem. You can also just use brownies if you don't wanna mess up your lungs.
Mar 05 2011
zakattack229 Level 182 Scania Cannoneer 4
i wounder y they took out emergency air drop in black ops
Mar 05 2011
xVietVietx Level 177 Zenith Dark Knight
how come the white momma monkeys give me like so low when those baby monkeys give you like 2k ea? unless i need 5 sunbursts to get into the place.. i only got 3 sunbrusts my first time doing gt
Mar 05 2011
This guys cool.[/quote]
i TOTALLY agree... lol
Mar 06 2011

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