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[GMS] Wallflowers - 197 Battle Mage 4 Second Pap (1st body) Video

By AestheticLove

AestheticLove Level 200 Bera Night Lord
Apr 09 2012 This is my battlemage, Wallflowers. Cute eh? n__n Hope this inspires people to make more battlemages.

..Proxied is cute hehehe.

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Saw it was the guild skittle,
closed the video
Apr 10 2012
one day i shall have smegas like that
Apr 10 2012
This inspired me to make a BaM, but mine has -100000000x your range Q__Q
Apr 10 2012
my opinion on battle mages has changed a bit[/quote]

Thought that we are weak didn't you? Most of the people in MS wont come close to what decently funded BaM can do at LHC and zak/HT.
Apr 10 2012
I don't mean to brag, but my white knight can hit 30ks
Apr 12 2012
Your bam?You d*** ride for the funds and proxied trains it..what did you do?create the character dayumm
Apr 12 2012

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