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[GMS Windia] First Mercedes to Level 250 Video

By misscherilyn

misscherilyn Level 250 Windia Mercedes 4 Waltz Guild
Jun 15 2016 06.05.16 - 1pm PST @ FDH

Thanks so much to all who came! Can't express how much I appreciate your support ! 33

Special shout out to Waltz Guild, Encore Alliance, &Trouble Alliance: Kenny, Yoon, Henry, Wilberth, Jose, Petra, Jimmy, Monica, Wee, Hung, Yacine, Brandon, Jing, Stevie, Alan, Christian, Josher, Sammy, Fernando, Sandra, Lily, JC @@!

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isirjiro Level 210 Bera Bow Master See what games, anime & art isirjiro is intoisirJiro
+10 Congratz on 250~ But, Jessica of Bera was actually the first 250 Merc
Jun 15 2016
master888 Level 200 Broa Mihile 4
+11 LOL @ afk trainer celebrating 250
Jun 15 2016

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