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@Helpingly Screen

By lilyyumi

lilyyumi Level 202 Windia Night Walker 4
Jul 22 2017 Yeah.. you look cuter as a girl tbh

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lilyyumi Level 202 Windia Night Walker 4
+4 i'll be choosing a random comment poster
and draw his/her sprite as in @ picture above!

Kind of want to do this weekly to improve my art skills and stuff

So post for a lottery chance on illustration request~

Lottery will end in Sunday 7/23/2017

edit: Winner @sadvirgin

p.s Keep yourself updated for next week.. i'll be doing (3) basilers for the next one!
Jul 22 2017
jennylies Level 154 Windia Bishop
+1 the dino snapback's expression tho
Jul 22 2017
blazar Level 220 Reboot Dark Knight
+2 @Helpingly looks so much cuter when he grows his hair out, puts melons under his shirt, and wears a miniskirt!
Jul 22 2017
loraket Level 133 Khaini Mechanic 4
+1 just noticed the green backpack, thought it was part of the hair :o
Jul 23 2017

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