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[MMV] Breakeven Prewview Video

By iFalLiN4u

iFalLiN4u Level 152 Scania Buccaneer
Aug 04 2011

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Is it a real story? Or is it one of though's "American Disney Fantasy Romance [insert slur here]" ?
Aug 05 2011
iMikeyxcore Level 125 Windia Buccaneer
I'm not too much a fan of the song or these kinds of cheesy Maple mmvs, but I still have to compliment you on doing a pretty good job (:
It was very short, though.
Aug 05 2011
Way better than 99.99% of the other MMVs. It's not just 20000 effects thrown together meant more for giving seizures. This... this was beautiful.[/quote]
Most things dont really give you seizures.
I should know...
Aug 05 2011

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