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[MMV] Move Along Video

By Herokid41 MMV

Herokid41 Level 100 Broa Blade Lord
Oct 27 2011 Move along move along just to make it through!

Credits to iShDiiLoN. More information in the video description.

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I love it.


Wait. Was anyone in this video wearing pants?
Oct 28 2011
HylianDrummer Level 164 Bera Bow Master
Whoa, I remember having a large attachment to this song way back then! Love the editing/small plot as well.
Oct 28 2011
Ahhh, this song.
Makes me miss the old AAR. |:
Their 3rd album changed so much. Not to say I don't hate it, I just think they should've stuck with their old style.
Hopefully their 4th album will be their old style.
Oct 28 2011
haha the wedding ring thing kinda makes me think of "wedding dress"
Oct 28 2011
shortmech Level 200 Scania Aran 4
wear some pants lol
Love the song
Oct 28 2011
haha the wedding ring thing kinda makes me think of "wedding dress"[/quote]
By taeyang? :O
OT: can't play the vid for some reason D:
Oct 28 2011
the ending was kinda useless, since after he kills the boy, the guy's gonna be like " YOUR NEXT!"
Oct 28 2011
Awwww I luuuuuv this song <3<3 The All American Rejects
Oct 29 2011

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