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[MYBCKN]Savory Bunny infection in Hene Screen

By selina1251

selina1251 Level 222 Bellocan Bow Master Savory Guild See what games, anime & art selina1251 is intoselina1251
Dec 04 2015 What started out as guild members afking in Maya's turned into a guild meeting then to a transformation party and finally to everyone is involved o3o
Sadly I only have 1 of the ss and it was a small guild only ss for a certain someone out there ~

(This was def one of the best and funnest times I've had in a long time on Maple)

@AngelTaylor , Taylor bae and any other old Savory members~ we will always welcome you back here in MY BCKN also we miss you :c especially Charbae she actually went on Windia to stalk you xD and try to convince you to come back c:

... Merry Christmas everyone? .u.

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chewychewy Level 210 Bera Shade 4
Are those rabbit's savory? I would like to try some
Dec 05 2015

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