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[gms] broa phantom 4:34 dojo time - finalopera Video

By Xenelith

May 18 2014 Hi everyone! Took me tons of tries to achieve this time, my goal was to beat this phantom from KMS who did an amazing time of 4:37. Restarted many times to get the spawns and the times I needed for each round and previous week attempts of find out the amount of cards I get per boss and when it was most efficient to use them on (Judgement). Not sure if many will like or or hate it, but friends suggested I should post this on basil. Hope many of you end up enjoying it. Keep real and thank you all for your time!

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crazyfrazy Level 214 Bera Corsair
I remember being a boss against you in boss arena. This brings back the pain
Very impressive!
May 21 2014

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