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[leveling] divinemyth 1st 250 in bera! Video

By ThiefyY

ThiefyY Level 222 Bera Luminous 4
Jul 01 2014 Heyyyyy guys!
Sorry for the short delay, been a bit busy lately, but here it comes - DivineMyth (Bo) is the 1st level 250 in Bera (3rd overall).

I apologize for the transitions, I had some problems with the rendering so I had to split the file. whatever.

* VersaEmerge - Mythology (Do you see what I did there? )


On a different note!
My channel is currently (1st of July, 2014) at 222 subscribers, and as I promised, I will post a new video soon of the competition to determine the 1st NX giveaway winner. stay tuned!

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