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1 Word Story Time =D

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Uprisen Level 106 Bellocan Marauder
lol hey everyone, i play 1 word story with my friends when we are tired of class, so i thought i'd give it a go with basil

the basil rules are:
-u can say one word to continue the story
-to avoid "post to short", quote the person above you before posting
-if you feel like the sentence should come to and end and a new one is needed, say "fullstop. -insert first word of new sentence"
-has to make "some" sense
-the same topic doesnt have to be used the entire time, 1 word can change the whole direction of the story =P

OK, so i'll start it:

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DarkKnightTP Level 104 Bellocan Chief Bandit

Sep 28 2009
Uprisen Level 106 Bellocan Marauder

Sep 28 2009
woohoohelloppl Level 53 Bera Wind Archer 2

Sep 28 2009
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