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10 raisins why justin bieber is perfect human bingo

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shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
no particular order........

1 he has perfect sing voice
his voice is of an angel... very beautiful. when he was young, many people.. "he is girl!!" but no.. now he is mature and his voice very sexy

2 beautiful face
have u seen his face... so perfect. its like god himself sculpted jb to make most perfectest human... wow...

3 amazing hair
i am so jealous of his hair.. so perfect just great color great thickness everything.. and all hairstyles work on his beautiful face......... just amazing..

4 he is very real and sincere
u hear in his songs.. he always sing about the love and heartbreak and girlfriends.. its shows that jb is true lovemaker and a great person..!! i really love him..

5 he is not racist
u can see him collaborate with many black artist.. like jaden smith sean kingston big sean ludacris.... its obvious jb wants to stop racism in music industry! i am so proud of him.. what he has done for industry...

6 he care about fans a lot
i love watchin jb surprise fan videos.. makes me smile every time seeing his fans cry of happiness seeing his beautiful face in real life... just amazing.. and he does it very often so it shows he really does care.... also for his fans with cancer and stuff!!

7 he never give upp... never
despite bein called girl and bad things and being threatened with kills!! (in south america concert) he still stronger than ever on stage and still performs and make music!! rlly shows how strong he is as person..

8 he is not afraid to try new stuff
u see he always makes new kind of music... and new cclothing style and hairstyle.. and he makes it work every time!! u see how now so many people even people who hated him likes his music now.. shows how much he has done!!

9 he started from nothing and is now prince of pop
u remember when he was just young kid singin on utube? ye and now he has come so far people call him prince of pop! u realize how far he has come he did not start with richness and he has just done so much its amazing..

10 great dancer
he is so good at dancing.. make it look so easy and amazing!! i dont understand how he is so good at everything he can sing he ca dance he can play several instruments its just so amazing!! wow...

what u think basil
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pydrexlol Level 34 Scania Shade 2
i know you know english why are u typing like a foreigner that types how they speak
Jan 06 2016
shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
@quasar: even perfect humans make mistakes
Jan 07 2016
4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
+1 im a proud belieber
Jan 07 2016
fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
right, he "cares" about his fans.

is that why he was caught spitting at them from his balcony?
Jan 07 2016
shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
@fun2killu: thats just propaganda and even if it was true itd be cuz of peer pressure its not his fault

it must be tough for him cuz he spent the most important years of his life in showbiz he basically grew up in showbiz

but u cant just look at one event and judge him from that..................... look at all the good things he does too ok
Jan 07 2016
fun2killu Level 90 Windia Mechanic 3
@shoutbox: how big of a gun did people put to his head for him to spit on his fans?
Exactly, he did it in his own accord. Don't give me the "peer pressure" bull crap.
Sure, everyone does good and bad, but he just far to excessive. Spitting on fans, peeing in a bucket , calling bill clinton not some nice words, doing graffiti, egging his neighbors house, driving while impared. The list goes on and on.
Jan 07 2016
shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
@fun2killu: graffiti, egging and dui is pretty standard things looking at his social circle.. spitting on fans and peeing in a bucket, idk man. maybe he had some bad days. his life must be stressful as frick so he might just break every now and then. remember money wont bring u a happy life, look at robin williams
Jan 07 2016
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