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126 atk dragon tail Screen


B00imaCLERIC Level 194 Windia Blade Master
Sep 11 2010 Picture says all :O

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*106 att scrolled with 20 attack potential.
Sep 12 2010
I hate when people include the weapon attack bonuses from the potential to make it look better -_-
It's a junk 106 + 20
Sep 12 2010
onurrr Level 134 KradiaEMS Blade Master
Sep 12 2010
what is it then -.- .....
it is 106 atk +20 atk ... it makes it 126 atk so shut up[/quote]

Potential can change,so you can't include it in,
Sep 12 2010
Saying 126 just makes the person with the weapon feel better That he has a 'pro' item but he actually has a crappy item with decent potential.
Sep 12 2010

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