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127 bucc range - 11287-16124 Screen

By PitchBlack0

PitchBlack0 Level 199 Bera Paladin
Apr 07 2011 Still in the process of a few upgrades. At about 70% str atm.

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squire7766 Level 200 Bera Paladin
Jerk. =/

i thought u were lying about that range D:
Apr 08 2011
Xxtidus Level 172 Scania Phantom 4
i am jelly of your range
Apr 08 2011
may i ask how much funding you put.
Apr 08 2011
nice gear i wish i had that range.
Apr 13 2011
BlaKKout Level 134 Khaini Night Lord
wowzers, looks like your %STR is in the 90's range may you list your equips?
superjelly >[/quote]
he has 70
Apr 13 2011
my bad didn't read the thread properly
Apr 13 2011

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