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148 corair zakum solo Screen

By xKhashi

xKhashi Level 230 Bera Night Lord
Mar 16 2011 Took around 25 minutes. I rolled 1 on dice like 5/9 times. Not a single useful dice roll.

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iJimmyy Level 145 Bera Buccaneer
Wow, 25 Minutes? Not bad. I'm Lv141 and I do about 35k - 45k per cannon (50k - 60k sometimes if critical). How do you manage to do such high damage? Do you remember how much damage you did at around my level?
Mar 17 2011
Akatsukii Level 172 Scania Corsair
Sup funimal, you pro corsair!

you and camgottagun both did a ss like this so i'll be doing one too LOL
Mar 17 2011

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