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15% luk shoes with decent haste. Screen

By Darkxcruxis

Darkxcruxis Level 130 Broa Chief Bandit
Feb 05 2011 Well after so many cubes I finally got my boots from epic to Unique, then after like 30 more I got this potential and I thought it was rather interesting. So enjoy/flame.

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lol decent haste is useless D; shame
Feb 06 2011
4023 Level 200 Scania Wind Archer 4
Keep it. Shame that you got Haste on Thief shoes, but that 15% LUK is five times as good as anything I've ever gotten... and I blew up those shoes. -_-
Feb 06 2011
I heard you like haste so I put haste on your shoes so you can haste while we race.

OT: 15% is lovely nonetheless
Feb 07 2011
DauSan Level 200 Broa Night Lord
VSS is a pair of stupid shoes, with those annoying spikes >_> Nah thanks, I'd rather make shoes worth less..[/quote]

Just MTS some NX to cover them up?
Feb 07 2011

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