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150atk Gun Prices?

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I like to know how much a gun with roughly 150 atk would cost (With and Without potential)?
Posted: October 2012 Permalink


wolf9891 Level 186 Scania Dawn Warrior 4
hmmm a 145 attk gun with 30% boss was sold for 3b,maybe a 150 attk gun is like 3.5bish without pot.
Oct 02 2012
Oct 03 2012
Wow, S>my 150 atk vip gun with 30%boss etc for 75 usd.
Oct 04 2012
Yerenth Level 123 Khaini Paladin
Got offers on my 156 emp gun a little while ago. It's 156 att 6% dmg 6% dex. H/o was a little higher than 4b
Oct 04 2012
i bought an empress gun for 925m 4slots 121attack unhammered (it was gmed other 4)
Oct 04 2012

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