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KrazyLoopyx Level 130 Galicia Kanna 4
Aug 09 2011 Finally hit 160 today! This evan was started when evans first came out!

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sush99 Level 156 Galicia Blade Master
gratz on giant mir

Galacian pride XD
Aug 09 2011
grats on 160 just got mine there 3 days ago blaze makes me sad though =[ i kinda feel like quiting cause every1 is outdamaging me
Aug 10 2011
Tinaa Level 200 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Gratz! 160 yay! I remember when I hit 160 and I was reallly happy as well
Aug 10 2011
suprisingly ur lv161 on ur basil character
Aug 28 2011

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