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191 Buccaneer range - 25141-35916 Screen

By PlayThatMelody

PlayThatMelody Level 10 Scania
Jun 25 2011 This may as well be my last screen since I'm not going for 200 after all.

This is my current range as of now and I know for sure many other Buccaneers who have done better than me. Since many of my friends have been ragging at me to post it, I guess I owed them all something. Pro? No.

I'm quite proud of what I managed to get through though. It was a really long and fun adventure but I figure it's time for me to find something other than mapling ;]

Oh, and before any of you gold-diggers on my buddy list ask, I already gave part of the equips to the people I felt deserved it. You know who you are ^_^

The knuckle however, has a c/o of $200

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^ seeee.
you already heard/saw my screaming at you in BL chat.
better not give up, Mel. >:ccccc
Jun 26 2011
M4pleBlad3r Level 47 Bera Evan 4th Growth
Smart to sell ur knuckle for real money
Jun 26 2011
Gl HF with your life what ever you do
This must happen one day to every one Beter to wish her luck then to ask her to stay
Jun 26 2011
xjumpkid Level 203 Demethos Blade Master
grats on quitting :] woulda been nice to hit 200 first though.
good cash on that knuckle. best of luck! :]
Jun 26 2011
I paid more attention to your PB than your range for some reason.
Jun 26 2011
I don't really know you, but I have seen quite a few of your posts on Basil. As they say, another one bites the dust. Good luck in life.
Jun 26 2011

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