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195 Hero range w/ apple - 84432-120617 Screen

By Furahi

Furahi Level 200 Scania Hero
Jul 09 2011 This is the attack range on my hero fully buffed.

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Nice tom, glad to LHC with you
Jul 09 2011
Wow godly sword and range.
How much do u do with each slash?
Jul 09 2011
Okay. I'm ksing Angel atm. [/quote]

Couldn't even ks me even if you tried.
Jul 15 2011
Furahi Level 200 Scania Hero
Couldn't even ks me even if you tried.[/quote]

I know...
Jul 15 2011
galaxian Level 155 Scania Zero Transcendent
what is this i dont even. :c
Jul 15 2011
wth thomas. L>half of that
Jul 17 2011

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