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199 Bowmaster achieves level 200 on Pink Bean! part 2 Video

By BosshunterGuild

BosshunterGuild Level 200 Bera Bow Master
Aug 23 2011 Part 2!

Raw footage of the pink bean run we all went on. We deliberately wanted the expedition to be massive. More people, more fun! This was the second attempt after the first fail run where most everyone got Damage Reflected and died. Organizing a Pink Bean run on this scale, is insanely difficult and requires a TON of patience from all members. On top of that, the pressure of trying to level to 200 on precisely Pink Bean itself (not statues or other summoned mobs) required further calculations and estimates in order for the experience to fall into place. Nearing the death of Pink bean we began to worry if whether or not Luna would get enough experience to level up due to the very size of the expedition. We took multiple initiatives to ensure that we would succeed. FFxLarsa was placed into into Luna's party at the last minute to provide the vital HolySymbol for an additional 50% experience boost to all party members. SodiumFrag activated the banner of experience within the guild to further secure the amount of experienced received. As Pink Bean fell, the FINAL glow of the words "Level Up!" alongside the blue writing of reaching level 200 and the fall of PinkBean made me relieved to say to myself that I had finally beaten this Game... on hard difficulty. All in all this run was a complete success and showcases every single step of the way without any editing. I hope you all appreciate the amount of work put into this. LunaPierce could not have done this without the friends, allies, buddies and strangers of the Beran community.

Pt1: LunaPierce , bigpinus , eMemoir, ImCensored, SodiumFrag, sanure
Pt 2: PItifulHero, FLAVIA, Touchmaicu, Kerosuke, Niutwo, JustLykeThat
Pt 3: chickenpoodl, Frauku, OoMLPoO, LostMyRifle, s1mplykawaii
Pt4: FFxLarsa, JaredForgave, IPureIEgo, xTxOxMx, SilentMars, xDrumerX
Pt5: Zedaier, 2bestrong, HuyHoly

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muffinsx Level 138 Bera Aran 4
Yeah Lena!
Aug 25 2011

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