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2 Star Aee From Attendance Booms ?

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SlappyDaFrog Level 51 Scania Assassin
Does this scroll boom ? Also, will it give ATT to my RA pants ?
Posted: May 2014 Permalink


OneDevil Level 200 Scania Buccaneer
if it says it will it will, if not it wont.
May 14 2014
SlappyDaFrog Level 51 Scania Assassin
Good rule of thumb. If it booms I'm suing you
May 14 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
it booms if it fails. I think it has 90% success rate. It will not add att to your pants.
May 14 2014
duriel123 Level 217 Bera F/P Arch Mage
It certainly wont add atk to your pants, but the text on the scroll does not say it will boom, so I suppose we can assume it wont then?
May 14 2014

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