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2 optimal Demon Slayer IA lines Screen

By boredtodeath555

boredtodeath555 Level 211 Zenith Demon Slayer 4 TalesSeries Guild
Dec 22 2015 18% chance bypass cooldown is definitely necessary since Demon Slayer has so many cooldown attacks now. Am I playing Dragon Nest?
And 43% Buff Duration (+15% mech card, 3% empathy, and Decent CO) for that swaggy DR ignore for 64 seconds, as well as 96 seconds of Boundless Rage.
+6 Int because it's wurf. (Will change that when half cost honor event comes)

There's really not much better lines out there for Demon Slayer, really. I got +1 Attack Speed line, but Demon Slayer doesn't need that lmao. Even if I switch to Absolab, the Absolab axe has fast speed.

To answer why 2nd line is 43% buff duration, it's because I got that line back when Azwan was still a thing and randomizing was all over the place. Kept it forever and mained Demon Slayer because I knew that the new system decides 1st line is always legendary when your IA is legendary rank.

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