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200 Medals Screen

By dominion

dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
Jul 04 2016 Realized I never uploaded a screenshot. After a lot of bull**** back and forth with nexon removing medals, making them unobtainable, etc., I got my 200th medal on Feb. 16th 2016. Could've been done many months ago if I hadn't missed so many, but oh well.

AFAIK I was third to LilArrin then DelusionDash, not sure if Eleyena of broa managed to beat DelusionDash but I think he/she went inactive. Some guy in KMS also had a screenie of the same feat.

There were still at least 60+ medals that would've registered that I missed. If anyone wants it, PM me for a list of those missed medals.

Finally, honorable mentions to these other people who, at least for a while, had amassed a huge collection of medals (scania): Fenneddar, sh4pe, lilxtata, Eiudious, VileLunatic, SoMiraculous, Overdragoon, fire9warrior, Naphik / @Duzz (bera), and many others who's igns I can't recall right now, along with every person that decided they want to collect medals, and those who have over 100 medals themselves. Keep going! A few of these people gave me hints and advice but all of them at least made me keep striving to be the first to 200. Sadly circumstances didn't permit, but I'm still satisfied.

Thank you, to everyone that helped and supported me, by doing boss runs, events, and even just verbally. Thank you to everyone that supported my youtube channel, I tried to provide the most unique/worth-watching content for you guys (more content will come... eventually... suggestions welcome). Thank you to my friends and Avid that kept me interested in the game.

Happy Mapling.

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