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200 mercesdes 999999-999999 Screen

By suprafan

suprafan Level 142 Scania Evan 9th Growth
Jun 19 2012 max FTW, it was bound to happen

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Congrats now you can poke any boss to death!
Jun 20 2012
Look at all the buffs and pots. Without half of those their range would deflate incredibly.
Jun 20 2012
seen better[/quote]
rofl i love you
Jun 20 2012
Pereeia Level 232 Windia Zero Transcendent
Wish I knew what the Merc's IGN was in English. I can't figure out what kind of equips actually bring you to max-max range...
Jun 20 2012
She probably has %attack on her wep instead of %boss.
Jun 20 2012

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