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2013 Evolving Ring I

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So... here's the first of the three 2013 Evolving Rings:

EDIT: Your guys' comments got me thinking. I wonder if it'd be possible to just buy the three 2013 Evo Rings from other people, and use those to create the Absolute ring. I suppose this seems kind of obvious but I hadn't considered it before. Interesting...
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DaemonicKing Level 145 Galicia Mechanic 4
Just a question, I noticed that it's called "Unleashed Evolving Ring I (+number of upgrades)". Let's say you have a +10 but want to get it to +11 for obvious reasons but miss the deadline, could we upgrade it with the extra day during phase 2? or would phase 2 upgrades only work on "Unleashed Evolving Ring II"?
Jul 13 2013
Samygxz85 Level 198 Yellonde Evan 10th Growth
ok maybe im wrong, but i read that u can only get the absolute ring with 31 stamps and at least 11 for each ring, so if u miss more than 1 day per phase ur doomed
Jul 14 2013
Supposedly, that's correct. If Nexon uses logic, you should have 5 grace days.[/quote]

Where do people come up with this rumor?
Was it hard for that many people to understand that you can only miss 1 day per ring phase?
Jul 14 2013
QuickiPanda Level 156 Bera Phantom 4
if all three rings end up being +6 all stats and 5 m.att/att, then the absolute ring would be just like equipping all of them at the same time right, since it is 15 m.att/att and 18 all stats?
Jul 14 2013
Have you even read in this thread rofl

@samygzx85 You to.[/quote]

Yes I have sir, have you even read nexon's info on the rings?
Jul 14 2013

Then where does it say you can only miss 1 day per phrase. Nexon changed the wording though[/quote]

Where does it say you can miss 5 days? Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you can only miss 3 days total if you are able to afford missing more than 1 day for any of the phases.
Jul 14 2013
maplerescue Level 207 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
The notes say you have to have all 3 rings with 31 total upgrades. Since there are 36 possible upgrade days, 36-31 is 5. Nexon doesn't say anything about having to have all the rings upgraded to the full potential in order to get the Absolute Ring. It's not really that difficult...
Jul 14 2013
LordCrossX Level 223 Khaini Night Walker 4 TheAkatsukii Guild See what games, anime & art LordCrossX is intoLordCrossX
You can miss 5 days because you only need 31 upgrades, there are 36 total days you can possibly get stamps. You cannot miss 5 days on 1 ring though there is a maximum for each ring. You are given 1-2 grace day(s) given for each ring so max each ring can be upgraded is 11 times with 1 + tab at the end. So say you fully upgrade all 3 rings you will have 33 stamps with 3 left over from the + tab. Now you only need 31 stamps to receive the absolute ring giving you another 2 grace days on top of the 3 grace days from the + tab. You could miss the + day along with 1 more day on 2 of the 3 rings and still receive the absolute ring so you would have 2 rings with 10 upgrades and 1 ring with 11 upgrades which equals 31. You could also have 2 rings with 11 upgrades and 1 ring with 9. Remember though the + day cannot be completed if you have never missed a day in each ring category so mostly ontop of each plus day you can miss 2 more days period, either by missing 1 more day ontop of the + day over 2 rings, or 2 days over 1 ring ontop of the + day. So it ends up 36-5 grace days with exceptions, 1 + day tab each and 1 extra day for 2 outta 3 rings or 1 + day tab each and 2 extra days for 1 out of 3 rings.
Jul 14 2013
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