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2013 Evolving Ring I

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So... here's the first of the three 2013 Evolving Rings:

EDIT: Your guys' comments got me thinking. I wonder if it'd be possible to just buy the three 2013 Evo Rings from other people, and use those to create the Absolute ring. I suppose this seems kind of obvious but I hadn't considered it before. Interesting...
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maplerescue Level 207 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
Well, it's tradable. And it has hammer slots too so that could make it potentially more profitable than the past 3 evolving rings and potentially even more profitable compared to the absolute ring (assuming u get REALLY lucky with ur incredible chaos scrolls).

Just wondering, if u innocence scroll the ring, does it take away all the upgrades on it?

@maplerescue I think u can only get 3 grace days since if u upgrade one ring without missing any other days, u can't start upgrading the second ring until that phase starts so in a sense, u must skip that extra + day if u don't miss a day on the first phase. Correct me if I'm wrong.[/quote]

Not 100% sure but the 12th day of the phases function as another grace day or **possibly** makes the ring tradeable (Only throwing out the tradeable part based on how the last rings worked). If I understand it correctly, say you get all 12 days on the first two phases but only 7 on the third. You still made 31 upgrades and although your 3rd ring didn't reach full potential, it won't matter because it'll just get combined with the other 2 for the Absolute Ring.

This all just speculation though based on the notes. I guess we'll know for sure in about 5 hours.
Jul 14 2013
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
@maplerescue: Well, the ring became tradable yesterday so we can rule the tradable part out.
Jul 14 2013
TheWolf Level 115 Scania Ranger
My ring is lv10
so can i just get the new ring and upgrade today to lvl 1 and than continue to upgrade in phase 2?
Jul 14 2013
MapleAbroad Level 10 Bera Aran 1
Is there going be a new evolution ring soon?
Sep 15 2014
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