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210 NL Range 2-2 with 0 attack claw Screen

By cosies

cosies Level 230 Scania Night Lord
Jul 13 2014 2-2 range with a 0 attack garnier #ducksquad

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drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
+8 Bout 1000-2000 USD[/quote]

Pretty sure it's much more than that.
Jul 13 2014
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
What the heck...How is that even possible?[/quote]

A lot of %LUK, %ATT, probably 15-Starred Tyrants.
Jul 13 2014
Lots of hacks since Calm is indeed a hacking guild.[/quote]

Lots of crying since you can't achieve what he has.
Jul 14 2014

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