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231 nightwalker chaos queen in 1m14s Video

By wakeupsuper

wakeupsuper Level 240 Bera Blade Master AUniversityO Guild
Jun 07 2015 With the Nightwalker nerfs looming and most likely going to go through I decided to record this video to serve as a reminder for myself and all the night walkers out there. I do believe that the nerfs are justified to balance this class, although it does not make me any happier about it. Also I remember several people who were interested in seeing a equipment video, so I will upload one in a couple of days as well. This is my first time making a video so any critiques or advice would be appreciated.

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Buster1651 Level 215 Scania Night Lord
I love how this changed into a "NW jump attack" debate. But this is really amazing, puts a smile on my face as I say Good job Nexon for nerfing you guys.
But im curious how much range you have to be hitting 50mil on a 3rd shadow partner and correct me if im wrong but isn't it 15% of your normal damage?
Congratulations though, my god are you OP. Insane attack speed, drain so you don't need to worry about HP and capping on 3 shadows. My god
Jun 09 2015

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