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2nd Claw - ATK 50, 4 slots left Screen

By DarkShot57

Oct 11 2010 Started with 2 att above average. 3 50% 2h pink scrolls worked and there are 4 slots left......

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geezuz someones been looting one too many earrings...
Oct 11 2010
balder944 Level 201 Khaini Aran 4
Nice. If you were in Khaini I would buy a red earring. too bad you're not. ):
Oct 11 2010
Do you wanna give me a red earring? 3:[/quote]

I potentialed both the red earrings, one poped and the other turned out 3 lined. I used about 15 cubes and the best stats i could get on it were 3% str. It has not turned unique yet.....
Oct 15 2010

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