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2x exp stackable?

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Tennzin Level 178 Scania Aran 4
Is it possible to stack the 2x exp event with the 2x exp coupon from the everyday event AND the 2x exp coupon from compensation?
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2x exp coupons dont work if your 200+ do they?

Or is that only the 2x cards in CS?
Dec 13 2013
Tennzin Level 178 Scania Aran 4
you end up with 8x, but yes[/quote]

Is there a certain order you have to do it in? Sometimes it cancels out if one is placed before the other
Dec 13 2013
4023 Level 200 Scania Wind Archer 4
All of it works together. Also HS stacks with all of that, so you could potentially get 12x, like I did on my Phantom yesterday. 70-120 in an hour!
Dec 13 2013
how about them 1.5x coupons
Dec 13 2013
Arktal Level 182 Reboot Bishop
One is an item you use (2x exp from everybody in), the other is a card you keep in your inventory. So no, there is no order.

If you have a bishop, you will reach 12x exp. Also, you gotta consider that in MPE, you have 1.5x exp for each more person in the party
Dec 13 2013
AngelicPanty Level 51 Khaini Kanna 2
My 4 hour 2x isn't working right now..-.-[/quote]

Neither was mine, and I say was because they expired without me even being able to use them.
They never activated, and even killing monsters I wasn't getting the extra exp.
Someone told me that you might have to log out/cc for it to activate?
If that's true that's some MAJOR bs because I'm fairly new at MS, and I wasn't aware of that at all.
Dec 13 2013
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