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3 possible new classes?

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globalkorean Level 183 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art globalkorean is intoGlobalKorean
I may be stretching this but would it be possible that there are more classes to be introduced in future dates?

Currently the Hero classes are named from the words MAPLE. Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evan.
However I've noticed in other sites that they emphasize EunWol or Shade as a 6th Hero. Meaning maybe Nexon is thinking of releasing further classes to fit MAPLESTORY.

If you think EunWol/Shade as the 'S', could it be possible 'T' could be Kinesis or 'T'eleKinesis?
It wouldnt be the first time GMS decided to change the original name of a class.

If this is true, what do you think/hope/want the other 3 classes to be for 'O', 'R' and 'Y'?
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baroo Level 135 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art baroo is intoBaroo
If one of those three is Grill Master, I'm satisfied.
Nov 11 2015
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