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4 dex wedding ring Screen

By drager260

drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
Oct 05 2010 This is why I got married =D I would have done the moonstone wedding ring but I couldn't find the moon rock and I got impatient >< And I'm kidding I also got married for APQ =O

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FaTaLP3NGU1N Level 50 Scania F/P Wizard
OMG So many Subis
Can I have one please?
Oct 06 2010
Wtf..... so many scrolls D: .....
Oct 06 2010
i broke my Wedding ring on my hero whit a 30% scroll LULZ after that i was lucky and made a 11 dex 3 all other stat Spiegelman!
Oct 06 2010
drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
so u have 144 pink scrolls and throw subis[/quote]

I wanna save them =O I was at 200 before and I somehow wasted 56 of them =/ I enjoy using them too much lol
Oct 06 2010
drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
Lmao, you need a moon rock? Should've asked me for one. I'll give it to you for free.[/quote]

Well I needed it to get the ring with 3 slots but it's too late now haha. I think that if I did get the moonstone ring though, it would have broke on the last slot. Maybe getting the 2 slot one was a good idea lol
Oct 07 2010

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