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500,000 nx enough to cube all items legendary?

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Gildarts Level 212 Broa Kaiser 4 Influx Guild
Hi everyone
This is just an estimate and correct me what is the average amount of nx needed. I wish I have this much nx though lol.
I have about 7-10 items that I need to cube from unique with average stats of str12% to legendary with ideal stats of str18-21%.
Hopefully I'm lucky enough and it's really base on luck but I would like to have enough to be prepared for the worst stats.
Forgot to mention, If I ever get this much nx years from now I would definitely cube during 2x Miracle time. ^ u ^
It sounds dumb spending that much but I think I have leftover cash to spend. Though I'm not spending that much anytime soon. Also, this might give me a chance to max cap chaos vellum and hell gollux head. Free fafnir weapons for my guildies ^ u ^
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500k NX should be enough for like, half that many items. Outside of Miracle time/a cube sale, you should expect around 150k NX per item you want to get leg+21% str or higher. During a Miracle time you'll spend about 100k NX per item, though of course you'll cube the stats after, not during. This also depends on the gear, the estimates above are for class specific equips. If we're talking about Gollux it becomes much cheaper, since you can trade for the right stat later.
Oct 07 2014
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
if you cube during miracle time and if you're lucky you'll get 3 items to legendary.
Oct 07 2014
yoyotwistap65 Level 193 Kradia Zero Transcendent
Spend more money on nx. Let it absorb your life.
Oct 07 2014
SilvaLau Level 131 Scania Shadower
Keep in mind you can get cubes for free in-game, so technically, you can get all items to legendary with 0 NX.
Provided if you are willing to spend years of hard work on it.
Oct 07 2014
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
If ur just aiming for tier up, blow it all on red cubes.
chances are you might land your love a potential in unique before hitting legendary.
9/6/6, 9/9/6 ;3
Oct 07 2014
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