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50m damage (regular attack) Screen

By undexme

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undexme Level 246 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
@alesanah: It's a pretty big boost, yeah. 30% total damage and 10%/15% min/max crit is massive.
I think the PDR goes up to 30% (or maybe 24%, not quite sure), but as with other PDR buffs, it has diminishing returns - so if you're already at 90%, you're only going to gain a few extra percent.
Dec 03 2015
undexme Level 246 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
@wall: Not too bothered since I don't really use the soul that much. Although it seems like an unnecessary and rather arbitrary move from Nexon, especially since the cap in KMS is at 1b.
Dec 04 2015
What points did u add exactly?
Dec 04 2015
bangonbucky Level 202 Windia Zero Transcendent
Amazing @undexme
How much do you hit inside Dojo?
Really impressive
Jan 04 2016

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