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5th Job Corsair Vs 6 Bosses (Under 6min) Video

By snailpresident

snailpresident Level 220 Demethos Corsair
Feb 14 2017 I was in a rush to upload something, so I have only maxed rapid fire and final attack with V cores. These times would be faster with snipe and battleship leveled to max as well.

Hell Gollux - 36 Seconds
Hard Magnus - 1 Minute
Chaos Crimson Queen - 30 Seconds
Chaos Pierre - 23 Seconds
Chaos Von Bon - 1 Minute 16 Seconds
Chaos Vellum - 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

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crizit Level 221 Broa Corsair
@markred626: Dice. ;D
Our 5th job skill doesn't fit well in bossing. If anything, it makes things worse. It's best used for mobbing. Only bosses it might actually be good for would be Zakum and HT.
Feb 17 2017

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