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5th job adv

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+6 No Job = 0
1st Job = 10
2nd Job = 30
3rd Job = 60
4th Job = 100
5th Job = 150
Mar 23 2016
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Probably 140 since that's when we stop getting 4th job SP.
I think the timing's a bit odd since they just started replacing obsolete Hypers (Drk's HB hypers, etc.) and 5th job will likely require them to change a lot of them over to 5th job skills, so it's a bit weird that they're finally streamlining Hypers right before needing to change everything around. Then again, Nexon's never been great with timing (i.e. Hypers with above-average damage caps right before raising the damage cap).
Mar 23 2016
cookiemonster8 Level 170 Broa Wind Archer 4
Probably 150, and nexon might push the hyper skills to 170?
Mar 23 2016
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