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86 Hermit range - 2979-4583 Screen

By hardballer

hardballer Level 201 Broa Bow Master
Dec 30 2010 Hey guys!! Just got my hermit to lv86 after a lot of training, ghost-ship PQs + upgrading!! (BTW jesters are the easiest things to kill ever, i 2-3hit them w/ avenger+L7 its great)

My only good items worth mentioning are a 14 att glove, 13 att from BoF, 70 att skanda + 22luk, +1all stats robe =]
I'll be getting furies soon too!! =))))

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godlypwnge7 Level 145 Scania Night Lord
Sep 05 2011
i thought 4.5k max would hit more than 23XX-27XX

EDIT: didn't see date
Sep 05 2011
Thats not even him either.^
Sep 05 2011
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
Guessing unfunded?
Im sorry for being mean but my lvl 53 sins range was 1.5-3k and I hit about 2k with every hit pre-bb
Sep 12 2012

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