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A Couple Of Blaster Questions

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triggatom Level 151 Reboot Aran 4 See what games, anime & art triggatom is intoTriggaTom
Hey everyone, i'd like to start by saying i havent played in years and just got back to maple to find this amazing blaster class and i have a few questions id really like some help on.

  1. Where do i get blaster weapons? All i have is the lvl 10 and they dont see to drop for me (reboot server)
  2. Is blaster available to be burned? I dont see the burn option for it because i already burned a character, but i heard in from a few sources that blaster can not be burned. I just want to confirm before deleting my current burned class then trying to burn blaster only to see it can't be burned.
  3. Is there a reason why this class is so neglected? Barely any threads about it, no section for it, no guides, no anything

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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kanji Level 160 Demethos Demon Avenger 4
1. I don't know if the weapon merchants sell Arm Cannons, but they definitely drop from mobs. I've just hit 112 today and I can confirm I got a few from random mobs (somewhat rare though), most from the treasure runes, and one from Zakum.

2. As of now, Blaster cannot be burned because Nexon prevented it during the event. I don't think the Burning event is going on anymore anyway, though.

3. I don't know why Basil doesn't have a section for Blaster yet, but I would give them a few weeks to code it in. As for overall neglect: Most everyone that I've seen just didn't seem to be hyped about the class, which led to little interaction with the class aside from the event, which gave you a permanent pet in Reboot if you hit 150. Aside from that, no one really touched the class. In addition, it is pretty mechanically difficult because of the animation cancelling you have to learn in 4th job with Bobbing -> Jump -> Shotgun Punch -> Bobbing -> ...
All in all, people just didn't seem interested and left Blaster alone aside from the first few days it came out. It is a really fun class, though!

Tips (from where I am so far):

- Stick with the class until 4th job. That's when all of your passives get buffed up, your damage really shows, and your real combo (described above) arrives. Until then, it can feel pretty repetitive.
- Use Revolving Cannon whenever you use Magnum Punch + Double Blast to charge your Dynamo Gauge so you can use Bunker Buster Explosion to clear whole waves while you grind. It makes training more exciting when you have that little "side-quest" of charging up.
- Listen to a podcast, music, or watch a video while you grind to take your mind off of it and relax.
- Remember to rest your fingers after playing for a little bit. Carpal Tunnel is a real issue and you should be taking care of your health. Not to mention, blaster can be kind of harsh on your hands. It is for me, anyway.
- Try to get professions as early as possible. If you find a heart vein or a golden flower, you can extract them for a chance to get cubes, which will definitely help you upgrade your gear later on.

If you need any more help/want to chat, add me: Ginkgophoton on Reboot.
Sep 12 2016

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