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A bunch of questions

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microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
So, i understand that lgrs are a lot better than a cracked gollux ring, but what exactly are the benefits and the difference of attk for a lgr?
I mean if its only like 20 attk I'm not paying 20 bil for it
So basically is it worth it until endgame where everything is almost perfect?
Also, how do you scroll a Mage shield? Mine is the alien VIP one. That the best shield right?
And do any of u know the rates of going from unique to legendary for inner ability and is the miracle circulatory a lot higher?
Also, to scroll my cra armor, since chaos of goodness are so expensive should i just 70% spell trace it since for the time being i think i dont need that much attk and later I could innocence
Same thing with my wep. Should i 15% spell trace it but I heard that innocence scrolls take away stars and that when u enhance! the higher the attk b4 enhancing, the more attk the enhancements add
Is that true?
Thx and sry for all the questions
Oh and get hyped for black friday
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djmaxaaron Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
Overpriced ring, better off scrolling and cubing gollux rings with the money you save from buying a clean LGR.
Nov 26 2014
1. yes its worth buying an lgr
2. Not sure never did this to be honest, i guess with magic att scrolls or else just get a secondary for mages
3. Miracle circulators dont rank down so the rate is indeed higher, but with the honor exp its possible but just harder
4. You can do that i believe for mages 1int = 1 matt but not sure if thats still the case
5. Innocence will take the stars away, but thats neccesary if you want higher atk, 15% scrolling would be the wisest but also the hardest, keep that in mind!
6. The more attack the more an enhancement can add,
1-49= 1matk
50-99=2 matk
100-149= 3matk and so on.

Nov 26 2014
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
people buy LGR's because it's a symbol of wealth. Basically, only the super rich people buy it for use and they use the slight stats improvement/effect to justify their expenditure but we all know why they have it.
Nov 26 2014
abi232 Level 209 Scania Dark Knight
@xtripled I bought an LGR when all I had was 10b cause I thought it looked awesome. lol
Nov 26 2014
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
@abi232: yeah i went through that phase as well but thankfully someone offered 15b for it so i was able to get rid of it without my 'buyer's regret phase' lasting too long. I actually made most of my money off merch-ing LGR's when they 1st came out but that's another story for another time.
Nov 26 2014
microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
So about shield scrolling...
Nov 26 2014

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