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A collector's wardrobe Screen

By FleshEating

FleshEating Level 200 Khaini Dawn Warrior 4 Trill Guild
Aug 21 2013 Collecting wouldn't be a fun hobby if all my items sat uselessly in mules' inventories. This is a compilation of some of the outfits I have created over the last year or so with a lot of the stuff I've obtained. (These are all warrior outfits, I haven't really messed around with any of the other jobs much.) Friends of mine (hi @GlitterPumas) have helped me improve several of these. Hope you like 'em!

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Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
+2 holy that coco fam. i want.
Aug 21 2013
Snowman Level 222 Scania Mercedes 4
holy that coco fam. i want.[/quote]

I want the dam Card >.<
OT: Nice Tiger's fang you got there, I remember I always wanted one
Aug 21 2013
Vearmoth Level 165 Broa Hero
Another collector in Khaini
Aug 21 2013
SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
+20 why the frontpage[/quote]

I think it's pretty impressive.
Aug 21 2013

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