Sad Mask
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A demons true face Screen

By Devotchka

Devotchka Level 153 Khaini Blaze Wizard 4
Apr 18 2013 I wanted to test out my new Tablet and felt like drawing my favorite class, Demonslayer~ I always pictured him darker than Nexon portrayed him, and thats what led to this. Took around 2 hours and nothing but Agalloch in my ears.

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irockudontz Level 141 Windia Hero
Gives me chills.
Apr 18 2013
Retrospectus Level 201 Bera Bow Master
Not enough gore.
But it's good.
Apr 18 2013
MsxMama Level 145 Scania Dark Knight
omg super sexy, how in the world did you do this in 2 hours @devotchka and if you are taking requests or doing art trades missy please sign me up!
Apr 18 2013
GiftMaple Level 200 Bera Buccaneer
This is just scaring me
Apr 18 2013
steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
Very Hottt
Apr 18 2013

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