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A few questions on demonslayers

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Etownesemp Level 164 Kradia Night Lord
1. i heard they are ALL this true, if so holy crap yay.
  1. even with only like 30% str, im sure they are still overpowered, including (since energizers got taken out) warrior potions and 24 BotE,right?
  2. Are they good at mobbing AND like crazy damage at persay a boss?
  3. if you start looking like that (aka cool as heck) im guessing NX will make u look super gnarly, yesyes?
  4. is it easy to level (1-120) (i havent like totally gone all out training at LHC, ive helpedmy friend there w. my 120 nw. so is lhc fun?)
  5. im not bandwagoning ive been looking forward to this class, who else is also looking forward to it?
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


1. They are warriors, all warriors are only str.
2. They aren't overpowered, they are good unfunded plus the video of the level 195 DS doesn't count cuz, he has every job level 200 with 300% GEAR on each player...
This dude can do 999k with a bishop...
3. They are better at mobbing then bossing, they are decent at bossing, if you want a bossing class go with mercedes.
5. its like the same as other classes at trainning, i don't like lhc but its just me rite?
6. I am
Oct 18 2011
Since it's a Warrior class, probably all STR. Also, since it's a new class, of course it'll be good at mobbing. That's like a class staple now for new classes : Mobility , too.
Oct 18 2011
Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
1. Yup.
2. Whenever new classes come out, they easily KS my characters, even if they're naked. I'm sure DS will be the same.
3. Iunno
4. Depends on the person
5. Iunno
6. Nope. CS FTW
Oct 18 2011
@ 6bil that's not even close to any amount needed to fund them
Oct 18 2011
1. ......
2. ......
3. ......
4. ......
5. ......
6. isn't that what all bandwagoners think? that they should play it and others shoudn't bandwagon?[/quote]

Oct 18 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Ive spent over 6b funding my to be demonslayer[/quote]

I dont really see how that's on topic.
if it's on topic, I spent 11b on just a weapon.
Oct 18 2011
Fyrus Level 182 Scania Shadower
6.Every1 gona make them so w/e

OT: demonslayer gona be realsed in augost 4 so uhm.. have fun waiting
Oct 18 2011
Lol better at mobility than bossing, fail.
They are really good bossers, trust me i own one.
Oct 18 2011

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