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A little help please

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EddyPanda Level 205 Scania Xenon 4
A little help here.
Hi guys. I just started playing MS again after taking a 2.5 year break. Yes I know I know another one of those threads but I really need some help here being that all my in game buddys quit or something. So anyways here are the questions.

Is freezing breath, blizzard and frozen orb worth maxing? How good are those skills and how often are they used while training? Do the lvl 20 and 30 mastery books sold at some potion shops have a 100% success rate?

Where do all the high lvl players train now? Before I quit the best place to train for players over lvl 130 was Lionheart Castle at those bearwolf things and crocks.

Is Gate of Future Knight Stronghold really the best place for higher lvl players to train? I hope not because they do ridiculous damage.

Are Lukless mages still good? My base luk is still at 4. Don't know if i should keep adding pure int.

And finally does anybody remember me? WizYayo 178 i/l mage and I also used TNTEddie a BaM and WizYayo a bishop. If so please add me i need friends in ms so lonely

Thanks for your help!
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1. Now, you can max all your 4th job skills, and yes, the books are 100% rate.
Freezing Breath is basically a binding skill for I/L Arch Mages. Blizzard now has a chance to activate final attack while attacking. Frozen Orb is used for I/L Arch Mage's Frost Clutch skill, which increases your maximum critical damage on enemies damaged with ice skills.
2. There are several areas, such as Krus/Captains at level 12x. However, people around this range mostly train at Neo Huroids in Romeo and Juliet PQ.
3. Yes, Stronghold is. Ancient Golems are still pretty good at high levels.
4. Now, you don't even need LUK as a magician anymore. Jobs don't need secondary stats as of Tempest update.
5. Nope.
Aug 16 2014
EddyPanda Level 205 Scania Xenon 4
OH cool thanks. Oh and btw i went to Stronghold all the way up to hall of honor and didnt see a single soul there training. Where are all the players at? Shouldnt it be like full of people like lionheart castle was. I checked a few chs and even ch 1 and nobody was there
Aug 16 2014
akadantemustdie Level 211 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art akadantemustdie is intoakadantemustdie
HoH is not good for training anymore. Most people go to Second Drill Hall now for training at Stronghold.
Aug 16 2014

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