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A non-aggravating K- or J-drama?

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Hathelian Level 188 Galicia Paladin
Okay, so I just finished a J-drama where, as is the case in most dramas, the girl ends up with the guy who doesn't deserve her and doesn't treat her well, and it's driving me insane. I guess I wouldn't mind that much if he were the only love interest, but there's always this really nice friend that loves her and cherishes her and he never wins, you know? Is there any drama where the girl ends up with the childhood friend or the kind love interest with a great personality? I'm tired of getting frustrated over terrible romance plots and need something refreshing. I don't mind whether it's Korean or Japanese, but I would prefer that it be an episodic drama. Not too long would be awesome too.
(Also, I understand that telling me what to watch would be spoiling the ending, but it's better than not knowing and being disappointed!)
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juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
the hero yoshihiko and the demon king's castle
oh! mikey
blue blazes(aoi honoo)

..i only know comedy jdrama sorry
Jun 07 2015
kevinho00 Level 185 Windia Battle Mage 4
liar game is a great psychological jdrama/kdrama
Although I heard the kdrama version wasn't that great
Jun 07 2015
Nude Level 210 Bera Bishop
If you're looking for romance dramas, the rom-com's I've watched that I can suggest are:
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
My Love From Another Star
Rooftop Prince
Coffee Prince
Marriage, not Dating
Reply 1997
Jun 07 2015
ZzXxskyxXzZ Level 205 Broa Night Lord
Five Fingers
The Moon Embracing the Sun

^My top 5 k-dramas.
Jun 08 2015
LiliKoby Level 205 Broa Blaze Wizard 4 Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art LiliKoby is intoLiliKoby
For JDrama, watch Byakuyako, you can find the japenese version with english subs on DailyMotion, it's depressing and somewhat melodramatic, but it's worth the watch

For KDramas,
Doctor Stranger (Medical drama, great actors, loved it)
Who Are You - School 2015 (It's alright, worth the watch but not amazing)
Pinocchio (About reporters, great actors, good plot)
The Producers (I find it really funny, KSH and IU are in it)
Reply 1997 (very nostalgic and funny)
King of High School (underrated and really funny and a good watch)
Falling in Love With Soon Jung (a drama about corporate battles, I really liked it)
A New Leaf (Law drama)
The Slingshot (might be hard finding this online but it's an amazing drama)
Baker King Tak Gu (same as above)
Jun 08 2015
xFaceIess Level 194 Bera Shadower Justaway Guild
uhm i'm not sure if you'll like these but..
I really liked "My love from another star".
"The Master's Sun", "Emergency Couple", "Secret Garden", "Kill Me, Heal Me" were good too.
Jun 08 2015
LeeKwangSoo Level 51 Khaini Phantom 2
I watch Korean historical dramas. Jumong was probably my favourite, along with Daejanggeum. In fact, I might even rewatch them. If there's ever an Asian game that's similar to Skyrim, or any games with nice landscapes and ancient mythical stuff that's set in two millennia ago, like, burning down villages, wizard priestesses, the "empire", epic archery skills, epic smithing, having an epic war, assassination, trading caravans, forming your own nation, and retrieving some ghetto ass bow from a cave on a mountain and crap, then I want it to be based on Jumong. That'll be neat.

I've tried watching those lame romance dramas, and they're not for me. Korean movies, however, are considerably better.
I've tried watching Master's Sun and I thought some scenes were really neat and the idea of ghosts and stuff were cool. But I kinda got bored of watching it.
I've also watched the first High Kick. It's kinda stupid, but it really grew on me. It's much better than the second High Kick, at least. The second High Kick is not as stupid and funny.
I tried watching Crime Squad because of two of the casts from Jumong. Idk why I stopped watching it tho. Probably because it was a bit too boring for me.

I'd rather watch a Japanese drama based on suspense and action. I hate Japanese romance.
I'm looking forward to watching Liar Game. But seeing that the Korean version came out too... idk I might watch the Korean one instead.

I haven't watched dramas since like forever. Daym.
Jun 08 2015

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