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fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
In the very slim chance you encounter me or my mule XxxosmondxxX, defame me straight away and bribe anyone else nearby with a hefty amount of mesos to do the same. Don't forget to stalk me and ks me as well if you have the free time for it. Call me a noob repeatedly while you're at it, too.

To make your job easier, I'll use a smega to signify my logged in status, so it'll save you the trouble of having to frequently use the /find function all the time, for your convenience.
Posted: February 2018 Permalink


fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
@uwotm8: I'm sure at least one is out there willing to put me in my proper place.
Feb 08 2018
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
ill smash that defame button if i see you cross my screen while i afk in remote places
Feb 09 2018

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