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A true gollux solo by a paladin Video

By Simfel

Simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild
Jun 30 2014 A true solo, without anyone to clear the monsters spawning on the bottom. As usual, a less-than-favorable run due to lag from Fraps makes things difficult. I might update this one if I can find recording software that doesn't affect gameplay as much as Fraps.

I've yet to see a recording of an explorer warrior doing such a thing, so I'm hoping this is a bit more fresh than the hundred of other videos that "solo" with a clearer. If anyone has a link to another explorer warrior with a successful solo, I'd love to get the video and learn from it!

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If you're not gonna add any kind of sound into your videos you should at least turn the game sound on. I don't know about everyone else but watching a vid with no sound makes the vid drag on for me. Grats on the solo!
Jul 01 2014

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