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A true sad story, please read

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fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
10 years ago, there was this guy named ShadowMinus who was basically my natural predator. With the combined effort of his several other friends, they were determined to make every waking moment logged in the game a massive supernova of sheer unadulterated misery beyond anyone can comprehend. No matter where I trained, no matter what channel, him or his buddies would stalk me down to no end, doing things like but definitely not limited to insulting me, ks me, stalking me everywhere I go with his mule, and getting tens (perhaps hundreds) of other maplers to defame me to oblivion like MapleStory was hours away before a permanent shutdown.

You're probably going to ask "Dude, you should've logged out and created a new character. Who will they suspect?". I would, but they told me that if I were to do such an action, I'll be making myself an even BIGGER coward than I was to start with, and I'll be confirming all the bad things everyone who's aware of my presence has said about me, even though frankly, they've always been true to begin with. So I made the wise choice to endure my torment, lest I make it 10 times worse than before.

And even if I were to play under a new character and a new IGN, ShadowMinus and his gang are still smart enough to identify me just from my behavior alone. (IP addresses have nothing to do with this) Not to mention I'll be subject to even MORE humiliation, being called a noob by 90% of everyone who pass by me and whatnot.

No matter how many times I reported them, the GMs hardly ever responded, and in the VERY rare case that they did, they accused me for being sensitive and wasting their time and that they were just "teasing" me, and preceded to ban me afterwards.

My only comment is this: I deserved that treatment one million percent, and whatever motives they had behind them targeting me, I respectfully accept without question that it's totally legitimate.

TL;DR version: Someone in MapleStory picked on me and everyone loved him for it, but I have no complaints about it because everyone hates me. I'm nothing more than a noob.
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fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
@uwotm8: If you can't pick on me in the game, you might as well do it here. Don't worry about any consequences. Everything is ALWAYS my fault.
Feb 08 2018
wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art wanton is intoWanton
whats even more sad is this site's layout. i didnt think it could get worse but here we are
Feb 15 2018
fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
@wanton: And it's my fault. Everything is. I'm aware that killing myself on the entire world's behalf is the only way to redeem my retarded existence, but I'm on permanent strict suicide watch.
Feb 16 2018

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