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AB inner ability HELP

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valiant Level 150 Reboot Angelic Buster 4 Valiant @
I really wanted to get 30% crit rate but I got +1 attack speed instead. I am keeping it for now until I have enough mesos to buy circulators. Now my question is, Melody Cross + Monster park pot + +1 attack speed inner stacks right?
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piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana @
I heard AB really need attack speed to be bearable at least, like Cannoneer, so keep that.
You still can roll like 15~20% critical rate on 2nd line so good luck with that.
Mar 12 2017
star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
dont reroll, keep +1AS
Mar 12 2017
chompromp Level 240 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
You want attack speed. Crit rate can be obtained from many sources and will be easier to get after Maple Union.
Mar 13 2017

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