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ATT On Equipment and Soul Shear

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gutavu Level 70 Kradia Kanna 3
Hi there. I created a new character, Kanna, and I read a lot about Soul Shear, some people say it's important to get Soul Shear beacause after some update it now gives +30% damage increase... on the other hand, some other people say it's not worth it cause of the lag it causes (blaming it on the red orbs that start dropping from mobs). My question is, what should I do? I'm lvl 94 atm and I'm wondering if I should or shouldn't get it.

My other question is: it's been a while since the last time I played (came back about 2 weeks ago and created the new Kanna, as stated above), and I don't remember if I should consider equipment through the big ATT+/- numbers on them, or if I should prioritize the character stats on the character sheet. It seems a little odd and as far as I can tell, the "ATT+/-" thing seems broken. Is it broken?

Thanks in advance ^^
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